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State-of-the-art glass finishing with unlimited options in design and look

Whether high halftone design resolution, ultra-fine multicolor gradients, solid spot colors or even metallization - EZ-Deco makes it happen.

Direct glass finishing has never been easier

The innovative EZ-Deco glass finishing process achieves highest adhesion coupled with low manufacturing cost. The rejection rate massively reduces, especially when multicolor designs are applied.

EZ-Deco is suitable for flint and coated glass and provides unmatched chemical and physical resistances.

Due to unlimited options in design combined with low production costs, the EZ-Deco process can be used in many market segments - even drinking glasses can be directly decorated and embellished.

No matter if you are a brand owner, agency, glass decorator or the final customer: You benefit from our holistic customer understanding and in-depth process know-how.

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Unlimited options in design and look

EZ-Deco offers completely new possibilities for glass decoration that have neither been economically nor technically feasible with previous processes. You can use the full CMYK color-range/-gamut with maximum resolution. Coupled with half-tone gradients of 20 to 100 percent, photorealistic designs are possible. At the same time, every design can be combined with a partial metallization. The combination with brand-owner’s spot colors in solid full-tone is equally EZ. Even other specials such as pearl-luster and thermo-chromatic effects are possible.

Wide range of possible applications

The EZ-Deco method with all the aforementioned design advantages is particularly suitable in applications for high-quality industrial glass packaging in the food, spirits, cosmetics, perfume and drinking glass sectors, as well as aluminum packaging.

Advantages for production

Compared to conventional printing and foiling processes, EZ-Deco offers a particularly simple, cost-effective and space-saving production process that can be applied to flint and coated glass packaging worldwide with identical and consistent quality. The necessary application of an organic primer on glass becomes redundant, as it is already included in the EZ-Deco product-compound.


The use of EZ-Deco on cylindrical glass-shapes allows the perfect application of your designs with a single pass operation. This is done without any additional primer application on the glass, as this functional coating is already included in the EZ-Deco product-compound. EZ-Deco enables high-class finishing with maximum adhesion and scratch-resistance, paired with best chemical resistance in consistent quality and high volumes.

Thanks to the innovative product development, EZ-Deco can significantly reduce the rejection-rate compared to standard finishing processes. Feel free to profit from our process know-how to individually benchmark with your current finishing process.

The following table shows exemplary the comparison of the various processes by means of a three-color decoration with metallization on glass.

Traditional anorganic Contemporary organic solvent-based Contemporary organic UV curable EZ-Deco
Pre-treatment None Firing Silane Tempering
Printing 3 colors Single pass 3 passes Single pass inline/td> EZ-Deco application
in 1 pass
Primering No 1 additional pass Single pass inline
Metallisation Simultaneously with colors Additional stamping process Additional stamping process
Post-treatment 2hr 30min / 600°C 20min / 140°C 20min / 140°C 40min / 160°C
Rejection rate ++++ +++++ +++++ +
Finishing costs ++++ +++++ +++ +
Production cost/time impact very high high moderate

The formula for success: 
Easy application + Low scrap = EZ-Deco


With the EZ-Configurator you can contact us directly online to get more informatio.

You can also request for various sample bottles, finished with EZ-Deco, so you can verify the product quality and resistances yourself right away.

Or would you like to install the EZ-Deco process in your own production? Then feel free to request a sample roll of our new EZ-Deco sample design.

If you yet have an own project, which you would like to convert to EZ-Deco, we will be glad creating your made-to-measure quotation.

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-> We would be glad sending you our new 250ml EZ-sample bottle. This way you can check the print quality and the technical properties according to your individual requirements. We will charge a service-fee of € 19 for order administration, packaging and free shipping-> We would be glad sending you our original EZ-Deco sample decor for your own production. This way you can convince yourself of EZ-Deco product performances under your own production conditions. We will charge a service-fee of € 19 with approx. 50x EZ-Deco sample decor for order administration, packaging and free shipping-> We would be glad to prepare a free, non-binding quotation for your EZ-Deco project.-> Would you like a call back or more information by email? No problem, we will contact you!
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